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Welcome to your new home. We're here to make this transition to life in Iowa as seamless as possible.

If you’re a veteran or know someone who is, please bookmark this site.

In an ideal world, someone who has mastered the challenges of military life would find countless opportunities back home. Home Base Iowa has developed this site to provide countless resources on opportunities in Iowa. Home Base Iowa helps Veterans and transitioning Service Members to find positions at Iowa companies, pursue continued education, continue their service through the Guard or Reserves or any combination of those.

Even if you've never been here before, the most sincere thank you is a smooth transition.

It’s an honor to assist you. That’s why this Home Base Iowa site features opportunities for careers in Iowa, lists additional incentives when you locate to specific communities and outlines ways for you to continue your service in options like the National Guard or Reserves. Iowa now also offers incentives statewide, plus there are additional incentives when you relocate to select Home Base Iowa Communities.

If you have questions or want to start the transition to your new home in Iowa, please send us a note or your resumes to www.homebaseiowa.gov or call us at 855-9HB-IOWA (855-942-4692).

Throughout history and present day, U.S. service members have bravely distinguished themselves through courage in combat and commitment to our country. Now, it’s our time to repay their selfless dedication. Home Base Iowa provides all veterans with the chance to explore a multitude of careers within our state. Veterans’ career opportunities are countless as more Iowa businesses and communities become actively involved with this public-private partnership.
Kim Reynolds, Lt. Governor

Hancock County Economic Development Veteran Incentive Fund

OBJECTIVE: To provide an incentive for veterans and their families to visit Hancock County for job interviews
PURPOSE: A fund has been created to help veterans pay for motel rooms, meals and gas during their job interviews in Hancock County.
  • Hancock County Economic Development with the Support of Hancock County Foundation
  • If a veteran and/or their family is coming to Hancock County for a job interview the potential employee can request reimbursement the fund in the following denominations:
    1. $25 for meals (request two per visit if family accompanies)
    2. $25 for gas (request up to two per visit)
    3. $100 for lodging
    4. The reimbursement will be sent to employee after approval by employer that is interviewing the veteran applicant.
Incentives available until funds are gone and given on a first come first serve basis

Hancock County Incentive Package for Attracting Veterans to our Community

Hancock County Economic Development with the support of Hancock County Foundation established a number of incentives we hope will be appealing to veterans and their families as they look to relocate or return to Iowa.
The key incentive is a significant number of new jobs and their diversity: there are openings for male, female, the currently under-employed youth market as well as retirees looking for additional income, disabled, fulltime and part-time, and those that need flexible hours.
Hancock County has some specific incentives unique to our community:
  • County businesses offer up to $1000.00 relocation support package to help move the employee's family to our community.
  • To make relocation easier we have a central housing site on our Hancock County Economic Website that lists all available properties for sale/rent/lease.
  • We offer a pre-application job form on the Hancock County Economic Development Website that can be completed then sent to any of the list of employers provided on the site. The employers will then contact the applicant for the next step.
Hancock County offers support of the Veterans' Preference designation

Components of the Home Base Iowa Act (Senate File 303)

  • Military Pension Income Tax Exemption: All Military pensions will be fully exempt from state income tax. This exemption is retractive to Jan. 1 2014.
  • Military Homeownership Assistance Program: A program through the Iowa Finance Authority will expand the budget to provide for up to $5000 of down payment or closing cost assistance to eligible veterans. This applies to those who have served since 9/11 as well as those that served during the Gulf War of 90/91.
  • Permissive Veterans Preference: The Home Base Iowa Act will clarify that it is legal for private businesses to provide veterans preferential treatment in hiring decisions
  • Occupational Licensure: Iowa's occupational licensing boards will adopt rules allowing credit for millitary training and experience in the licensing process.
  • Education: The state Board of Education will create a uniform policy granting automatic in-state tuition to veterans, their spouses, and their dependents at Iowa's community colleges.
  • License Plates: Eligible applicants will be issued veterans-related license plates (such as Purple Heart, Bronze Star, and Gold Star) for free.
Hancock County is a growing, welcoming community that can provide veterans an affordable living environment with quality medical services, schools and diverse activities for families of all ages.
Incentives available until funds are gone and given on a first come first serve basis

Hancock County Ready to Support Governor's Home Base Iowa

GARNER, IA - Hancock County stand poised to play a supporting local role in Gov. Terry Branstad's Home Base Iowa initiative with jobs, incentives and housing opportunities for America's military men and women.
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Wednesday, March 3, 2015

Branstad, Reynolds to recognize five new Home Base Iowa Communities, four new Home Base Iowa Champs Friday

(DES MOINES) – Gov. Terry E. Branstad and Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds today announced that they will travel to Fort Dodge, Iowa, on Friday, March 6, 2015 to recognize five new Home Base Iowa Communities and three new Home Base Iowa Certified Higher Academic Military Partner (CHAMPs).
The following communities will be announced as Home Base Iowa Communities Friday: Webster County, Hancock County, Humboldt County, Carroll County and Clay County. The communities will join Union County, Mitchell County, Dubuque County, Greene County, Howard County, Clarke County, Floyd County and the City of Marion as current Home Base Iowa Communities.
The following academic institutions will become Home Base Iowa CHAMPs on Friday: Mercy College of Health Sciences, Iowa Central Community College and Eastern Iowa Community College. These institutions will join The University of Iowa, Iowa State University, University of Northern Iowa, Hawkeye Community College, University of Dubuque, Upper Iowa University, Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC) and Mount Mercy University as Home Base Iowa CHAMPs.
“The Home Base Iowa initiative aims to ensure that members of the military leaving the service are met with an abundance of career and academic opportunities right here in Iowa,” said Branstad. “Lieutenant Governor Reynolds and I continue to be impressed by the outpouring of support for the Home Base Iowa initiative through the Home Base Iowa Community and Home Base Iowa CHAMPs programs.”
“With thirteen Home Base Iowa Communities and twelve Home Base Iowa CHAMPs institutions, it is clear that Iowans are ready to welcome veterans and their families to our great state,” said Reynolds. “I encourage all Iowa communities and higher education institutions to consider joining our Home Base Iowa initiative.”
Learn more about Home Base Iowa at www.homebaseiowa.gov.

Home Base Iowa - Community criteria

  1. Ten percent of the businesses with potential to hire in the designated area become Home Base Iowa Businesses.
  2. The community develops its own welcome/incentive package for veterans.
  3. The community prominently displays the Home Base Iowa Community designation.
  4. The community obtains a resolution of support from the appropriate local governing body.
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