Start a Business

We'll Help You Get Started!

Whether you are thinking about starting a business or growing an existing company, we can help you get started. There are many business tools and educational opportunities in Hancock County to assist you. From exploring financial resources, business plan development and networking sessions we are eager to meet with you to discuss your business operation.

If you are committed to the work necessary to be successful, Hancock County Economic Development can help get you started.

  • We will offer key resources you need to review.
  • We will help you with a business plan.
  • We will put you in contact with other experts in developing a small business.
  • We will give you ideas for financing.
  • We will make sure you address details regarding marketing, paying taxes, getting insurance, having legal support and more.
If you have a desire and a commitment to starting your own enterprise in Hancock County, get in touch with us:
OR visit us in our office in the Prairie Energy Building at 650 West 3rd Street in Garner.
We will be glad to help you! Here are other helpful resources if you want to do some research now.