Location / Transportation

Iowa’s central geographic location and abundance of transportation options provide businesses with multiple distribution channels for their goods. Three interstate highways — I-35, I-80 and I-29 — pass through Iowa offering coast-to-coast, border-to-border access in the U.S. transportation grid. Iowa has nearly 4,000 miles of rail freight track operated by 19 railroad companies — four are major, national carriers. There are 60 barge terminals that ship and receive tonnage in Iowa — 55 on the Mississippi River and five on the Missouri River.
Hancock County is located near the Avenue of the Saints, I-90, I-35 and the Mason City Regional Airport. We are less than 2 hours to either Des Moines or Minneapolis.
Map of Highways and Interstates
Map of Railroads
We have the Canadian Pacific running through the county east/west and the Iowa Northern runnning north/south. You can click on this website link to see a description of all the rail roads in Iowa:

Also from this page you can click on Iowa freight rail to access maps showing the rail lines in Iowa.

Fiber Optics for Great Internet

Hancock County is highly connected with high speed fiber optics cable and is available in virtually in every community and has a strong footprint in the rural areas being served by outstanding service providers Comm 1 and WCTA. This allows great connectivity speeds and capacity at your business or home. This connectivity also makes it easier for you to connect to your other branches or to employees working from other locations, including their homes.

Fiber optic technology is the leading technology for telecommunications networks everywhere in the world. Iowa’s recent enhancements increased bandwidth to all 99 counties with a 10 GB capable backbone. The Network can currently operate at 100 GB, and has an upgrade path of up to 400 GB for future growth, a level of capacity far beyond what is currently available from any other network in the state.

  • Speed: Symmetrical connections up to 100 Gbps.
  • Scalability: Fast and easy to scale as your business grows.
  • Reliability: Self-healing architecture for redundancy and protection.

Comm 1 and WCTA as an Internet Service Providers and a Business Internet Provider, offers high-speed, reliable, and redundant internet solutions and data services. Along with Aureon Comm 1 is part of more than 5,500 miles, the Hancock County service providers and Aureon Fiber Optic Network delivers unmatched reliability throughout Iowa. Aureon is also a proud member of INDATEL Services, a premier nationwide facility-based Ethernet services provider. This partnership enables us to deliver Ethernet connectivity via 100,000+ fiber route miles of fiber deployed across the U.S.

Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) - Aureon takes SD-WAN to a whole new level with Aureon Cloud WAN managed services. The Aureon Cloud WAN helps businesses improve application performance, expand internet connectivity and reliability, and enhance network security. In addition, offering SD-WAN as a managed service enables businesses to simplify IT and network operations allowing them to focus on other IT projects and priorities.

  • Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS)

    Allows your business to prioritize the voice, video, and data traffic on a converged communications network.

  • Fiber

    The Aureon Fiber Optic Network provides the speed, bandwidth, reliability, and performance to support your business communications with redundancy, symmetry, and reliability.

  • SIP Session (Trunking)

    A cost-effective solution for businesses seeking the benefits of converging voice and data traffic into one network.

  • IP Meshed Wide Area Networks (WAN)

    Aureon’s IP meshed WAN offers an efficient and secure data network provided through multiple access and configuration options.

  • T-1

    T-1 and integrated T-1 services offer beneficial support for businesses with large data needs, a high-volume of voice traffic, no access to Ethernet options, or dedicated transport for your business voice and data.

  • Ethernet Over Copper (EoC)

    A fast, secure, and affordable alternative to T-1 or fiber. Aureon’s EoC solution provides Ethernet speeds up to 30+ Mpbs. We deliver multiple data networking services that are scalable to adjust and grow with your business. Whether your employees are in one building or multiple locations around the world, Aureon’s data networking services can ensure your connectivity needs are met with reliable performance.

Our Utility Providers


Prairie Energy Cooperative

MidAmerican Energy

Corwith Municipal Utility

Forest City Municipal Utility

Alliant Energy

Corn Belt Power Cooperative

Telephone & Internet
All of these utilities work together to create the best services needed for your home and business. We have other resource partners that work with us on specific development projects, including, the North Central Iowa Alliance, North Iowa Area Council of Governments, Iowa Area Development Group, and Iowa Economic Development Authority.