Internship Program

The Hancock County Economic Development Intern Program was developed to provide added benefit to HCEDC Investors Student Internship programs with a goal to help Interns advance towards a successful future.  

The Student Internship Program is designed to nurture the educational and professional development of interns, which may lead to longer retention of the individual to Hancock County. Student Interns will have the opportunity to network and expand their leadership skills.   

Are you having an intern at your business? 

Let us help you provide added benefit for your Intern:
  • Workplace Professionalism
  • Importance of Community involvement
  • Finances
  • Social Media
  • Networking
  • Relationships
  • Resume Building

Below is the proposed schedule of events that will be offered to our HCEDC Investors interns:
Proposed Schedule of Events 2017

June 1st-Welcome Interns 5-7pm- This will be a social event for interns and their company supervisor to welcome them to Hancock County, discuss exciting upcoming events of the program and review expectations.

June 7th- Success Through Your Professionalism- Brenda Clark Hamilton 7:30 to 9:30am-Practical interactive session what interns can do to make an excellent impression as a professional throughout their internship experience. Three Key facets of workplace professionalism, and how you can excel in each: Professional dress, behaviors and attitudes.

June 15th -Regional Internship Networking-Bill Withers-4:30pm to 6:00pm- Network with regional interns at the Clear Lake Arts Center and then enjoy Thursdays on Main in downtown Clear Lake.

June 22nd- Tree Town-5:30-7:00pm-Networking event for the interns where we will hear from the founders of Tree Town Music Festival about what it took for them to put on a project of this magnitude, how they came up with the idea, and why the chose Forest City as the venue.

June 29th-Finances and Your Future-Paula Spillman, CLBT-7:30 to 9:30 am- When you have sound information and strong skills you can make your money work for you and your future, make better decisions and live our highest priorities.

July 12th-Social Media Session-Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media-Valerie Zahorski Schmidt, Director of marketing and community relations, NIACC-7:30 to 9:00am- How to use social media in a positive way to promote yourself. What employers are looking at on your social media and things you do not want your employers to see.

July 19th Dining Etiquette-Brenda Bormann-7:30am to 9:30am- In today's business world a meal is often part of the scenario, including an interview for the job  you are pursuing. This presentation will prepare you for situations from the moment you walk into the outer office of the prospective emplyer or the foyer of the eating establishment, to the conclusion of the interview or meal. You will be better prepared and more confident when that moment comes in your career life.

August 3rd.  Resume Panel 7:30 to 9:30 am- Interns will bring resume drafts to this session and we will have a panel of HR Professionals available for interns to ask questions, review resumes and offer suggestions.

August 17th-HCEDC Executive Breakfast-Bill Withers-7:30 am-"Our Permanent Whitewater Work World." a presentation on understanding change in management.

This program is a FREE resource to HCEDC investing partners.  

Fill out the form to enroll: InternshipProgramAgreement.pdf

Looking for a resource to get an intern at your company?

Below are some websites for to local colleges you can contact about working with their programs.

North Iowa Community College-Career Services

Waldorf College- Career Services

Buena Vista University

Career Services

Iowa Lakes Community College

Career Resource Center          

Iowa State University

Career Fairs   

University of Iowa

Career Fairs   

University of Northern Iowa

Career Services

*This program is funded by the HCEDC and its investing partners and in part by a grant from the Hancock County Foundation.


"Student Interns will have the
opportunity to network and expand their leadership skills."

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